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      I am a licensed Florida notary in the East Fort Myers area, and I am available to help you with your notary needs at your home or at a public facility.

      You will need to show me a current, valid, government ID with your picture and signature, such as a driver's license, passport, state issued ID card, or Green Card. You will need to be physically present at the time of the notarization so I can witness your signature.

      You will need to have the specific notarization wording for me to notarize. I am not a lawyer, and I do not give legal advice.

      My fee is $10 for the first notarizaion, and $5 for each additional notarization, for all services except marriage where the fee is $30. There is also a $10 fee for time and transportation.

      Please call me, Jerome Tuttle, at 239-400-5732.

Member, American Association of Notaries

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